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5 Tips for Finding the Best Orlando Fishing Spots

Regardless of whether it's a hobby or sport, fishing is beneficial. It can relieve your stress, keep you fit, and make friends. Fishing is a popular activity, with over 220 million recreational anglers.

The City of Orlando in Florida is popular among locals and visitors alike for its fishing locations. Its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico makes it home to many fish species. You can find largemouth bass, redfish, and more.

Do you want to know the best Orlando fishing spots? Read on to learn tips on how to find fishing spots.

1. Do Your Research – Clear Lake

No matter what type of fishing you enjoy, having a good fishing location is critical. To start, check out online forums for the best Orlando fishing spots.

You can browse through city tourism guides, local fishing associations, and other resources. After identifying your ideal fishing location, note the local rules and regulations. Some fishing spots require a license or a permit.

If you want to catch a Florida catfish, we recommend Clear Lake. Using chicken livers as your bait can attract several channel catfish. However, hybrid striped bass and largemouth bass dominate the area.

Clear Lake is an excellent spot to fish for these species. It's over 350 acres and miles west of Downtown Orlando. Fishing in the area allows you to enjoy a nice view of the city skyline.

With its size, you can use cartop boats without competing with huge crafts.

2. Plan Your Trip – The Butler Chain of Lakes

Many people go to Orlando to have fun, meaning you will have to compete with large crowds. Aside from fishing, the city hosts many amusement parks. Did you know that there is a Walt Disney World resort in Orlando?

Going on a trip without planning can get you stuck with the crowd. To have an easy and smooth experience, plan on the fishing spots you want to visit. Consider the Butler Chain of Lakes to explore different fishing locations.

Minutes away from the west of Downtown Orlando, this chain of lakes covers 13 interconnected lakes. It offers at least 5,000 acres of water, providing quality bass fishing. You can make good catches here because of the number of weed beds, boat docks, and flooded timber.

In addition, the lakes display crystal-clear water, making catching bass easy. To attract them, use finesse bait like worms. If you're new to the Butler Chain of Lakes, locals suggest starting with Butler Lake.

You can try fishing at Disney World, too. It's near the Butler Chain, allowing you to visit if you have spare time on your trip. With this, you better plan your trip well when fishing in Orlando.

3. Ask the Locals – Lake Toho

No one knows the different Orlando fishing spots better than the locals. If you want to find the best locations and times to fish, ask the people in the area. Your local guides and shop owners are some of the most reliable information sources.

However, try not to expect too much. Some locals and anglers refuse to share their favorite spots due to the number of people competing with them.

Before asking, decide the type of fish you want. Next, ask the worker at the local bait shop. You may also scout the fishing spot and observe other people.

When asking the locals, there's a high chance they'd recommend the Lake of Tohopekaliga. It's almost a 19,000-acre water form producing trophy largemouth. For the best fishing experience, you must consider the season and weather conditions.

4. Assess the Location – Starke Lake

Location is crucial when looking for specific types of fish. For instance, it's rare to find a redfish in waters below 52°F. Instead, they thrive well in warm temperatures.

So, what factors must you look into for a location when fishing?

First, identify the kind of habitat where they thrive. Next, consider the availability of their food source. If you want to fish for big and small fish species, Starke Lake is a good fishing spot.

Starke Lake has warm water for largemouth bass and bluegill in a slow-moving stream. When it comes to food, lipless crankbaits are available along grass bed edges. Apart from feeding the fish, it allows you to lure them toward you.

Moreover, professionals designed and developed the area to make it an angler-friendly lake. There are launch boat facilities, fishing piers, and an open shoreline for bank fishing. If you want to rest from fishing, use one of the picnic pavilions in the area.

5. Book a Guided Trip – Lake Ivanhoe

Less fishing knowledge makes it hard to determine the best Orlando fishing locations. Some anglers can go hours without catching a single fish.

If it's your first time fishing in Orlando, book a guided trip. The trip includes a professional guide who provides everything you need. From the boat to the tools, you can guarantee to enjoy a good fishing day.

Apart from the equipment, the guide or captain teaches you vital fishing information. It can include the best techniques, approaches, and spots. You can rely on them when you go fishing in different locations.

For instance, you want to explore Lake Ivanhoe because it's a popular urban fishing location. Although small, it produces many quality fish. You can sit by the park near the area to rest, too.

If you want to take your family, consider booking a fish charter. You can learn everything about fishing and share experiences with them. With a professional guide, you never have to worry about explaining everything.

The Best Orlando Fishing Spots

Orlando, Florida, is a paradise for anglers and anyone who wants to try fishing. It's home to many fish species and fishing locations. You can find different Orlando fishing spots around the city. The Lake of Tohopekaliga is one of the famous locations for locals and visitors.

If you want the best fishing experience, book a guided trip with Gradys Guide Service. We offer you excellent guided trips in Central Florida, so book now!