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What You Need to Know Before You Start Fishing in Orlando

More than $125 billion in the United States is generated annually from recreational fishing. 67% of that fishing is done in freshwater all across the country.

Fishing can be a great way to get out into nature and spend time with loved ones. However, in America, there are so many great fishing spots; how do you choose where to spend your time?

Fishing in Orlando is popular, and Florida offers anglers many options. If you're new to fishing, you may need guidance on where to begin, but that's ok.

Once you know the basics, you can get out there and start casting your line. Keep reading and learn everything you should know before you begin.

What Do I Need for Fishing in Orlando?

Like any new hobby, you need some equipment before you can commence. Luckily with Orlando fishing, you only need a few essential items. However, the equipment you need will depend on where you cast out and what fish you're trying to catch.

You can buy most of your equipment from local bait shops, but you can also check your local sports shop for fishing gear if you have no bait shops in your area. To start fishing in Orlando, you'll need the following:

  • A fishing license (age dependent)
  • A fishing rod, incl. wheel
  • Fishing line
  • Fishing weights
  • Fish hooks (size 6 - 10)
  • A bobber (plastic or cork)
  • Fishing lures or live bait

Where Should I Fish?

Orlando is an excellent place for fishing hobbyists because it offers so much. For instance, in the urban area of Orlando alone, there are 60 acres of fishing. Other fishing spots within wetlands in the surrounding areas are within driving distance.

Disney World

If you're visiting Disney World, this is one spot where you can bring your fishing rod. Disney is an excellent location for you and your family to enjoy fishing together, and you can book a guided excursion or participate in fishing off the docks over the resort's waterways.

Lake Fishing

Orlando is no stranger to lake fishing and offers a group of five lakes, often called the "Fab Five." All the lakes are teaming with fish, and most allow fishing from your boat. The five lakes you can choose from are:

  1. Lake Ivanhoe
  2. Lake Turkey
  3. Lake Starke
  4. Lake Clear
  5. Underhill Lakes

Orlando has plenty to offer if you want larger lakes to fish in. You can choose between:

  • The Conway Chain of Lakes
  • Butler Chain of Lakes
  • Lake Tohopekaliga
  • Johns Lake
  • Winter Park Chain
  • Lake Kissimmee

These larger lakes are great for when you become more experienced at fishing. With so many lakes, you'll never run out of Orlando fishing spots.


Orlando offers excellent ponds if you're interested in smaller, more intimate fishing locations. These ponds are perfect if you're just getting started with your new hobby or if you're introducing your children to fishing. You can choose between Bear Creek Park, Lake Santiago, Barnett Park Frog Pond, and Lake Island Park.

What Type of Fish Can I Catch?

Fishing in Orlando means you're spoilt for choice when deciding what you want to catch. Some of the fish you can expect to see include:

  • Largemouth Bass
  • Florida Catfish
  • Crappie (Speckled Perch)
  • Redfish
  • Tarpon

If you're fishing for largemouth bass, Florida is the best place to challenge yourself. Popular spots for these particular bad boys are Lake Toho (Lake Tohopekaliga) and Lake Kissimmee. If catching largemouth bass is on your bucket list, spring or summer is the best time to fish for the record-breakers.

You can catch the Florida catfish in most of the ponds across many urban areas in America. For example, several ponds in Orange County are chock-full of catfish, which are easiest caught in the warmer months. It's during spring and summer that these fish are more active.

Fishing Basics

When you have all your equipment, it's time to find those fish. You'll need to learn the improved clinch knot to tie your line to your rod.

Next, you need to tie on a fish hook and attach one or two sinkers. Place these 6 - 12" above where you tied the hook. Finally, attach the bobber so you know when the fish are biting.

There are two primary styles of casting: spin casting and spinning. Practice casting these in an area away from others before attempting it in a more public spot.

Catch and Release

Finally, there are rules about which fish you can and cannot catch. If you catch fish you don't want or are under the legal size, you must release it as quickly as possible. Remember to remove the hook before you let it go back into the water.

Fishing Tips

Now that you know more about going fishing in Florida, it's time to learn some tips. Here are tips that are going to help you become a better angler:

  • Handle hooks with care - they're sharp!
  • Check your surroundings before casting and avoid casting near other people
  • Ensure your gear can handle the size of fish you're pursuing
  • Avoid fishing alone in case of an emergency - always take a buddy!
  • Wear appropriate safety gear when fishing off a boat or wading
  • Match your lure to the color of the water you're fishing in

Bass Fishing Charter

Another way to experience fishing in Orlando is to hire a bass fishing charter. Charter trips are a great way to experience all the fun of fishing and very little frustration. With a guided bass fishing charter, this is because you'll have an expert handling the boat with years of knowledge about where to find the fish and how to land them.

These fishing excursions typically begin as a 4-hour charter but can last up to 8 hours, depending on which package you book. These trips are extremely popular, so booking early is highly recommended to avoid disappointment.

Find Your Passion Fishing With Us

Fishing is an excellent pastime that can be equally as relaxing as rewarding. Knowing the basics of fishing means you can go fishing in Orlando whenever you want with a great chance of success.

Ensure you have the proper licensing and equipment and know which fish you're trying to catch. Pick a great location and cast away, or hire a bass fishing charter to guide you.

At Grady Guide Service, we offer the best bass fishing guide trips in Central Florida. Book your trip today, and let's help you land that Trophy Bass!